Opportunity Magazine Editions

Please enjoy all the editions of Opportunity Magazine and see who is making waves in the Tourism Industry. Or contact us to see how you can find your career here.

Snapshot of the 9th Edition of Opportunity Magazine

Glynn Williams – 9th Edition

Raised in Montreal and Toronto, Glynn Williams fell in love with the Guysborough region over 25 years ago while on a bicycle trip. When he saw an ad in The Globe and Mail for a five-bedroom farmhouse on…
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Snapshot of the 8th Edition of Opportunity Magazine

Judy Dickson – 8th Edition

As a high school teacher in the early 1990’s, Judy Dickson decided to take her students to a tourism careers day coordinated by the Nova Scotia Tourism Human Resource Council. She was so impressed by the range of…
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Snapshot of the 7th Edition of Opportunity Magazine

Leslie Wilson – 7th Edition

Leslie Wilson is the President and General Manager of Ski Wentworth, one of Nova Scotia’s leading outdoor winter experience providers. She is the fourth generation of her family to be involved in the business…
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Snapshot of the 5th Edition of Opportunity Magazine

Wadih Fares – 5th Edition

Wadih Fares arrived in his adopted home of Halifax 30 years ago as civil war broke out in his native Lebanon. His professional journey has the makings of a legend as he progressed from starting as a young…
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Snapshot of the 4th Edition of Opportunity Magazine

Quita Gray – 4th Edition

Quita Gray and her husband, Scott Whitelaw have a love affair with agriculture and forestry…and have combined those passions into Sugar Moon Farm. Back in 1996 they started a two year apprenticeship…
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Snapshot of the 3rd Edition of Opportunity Magazine

Wally Hayes – 3rd Edition

Wally Hayes started his career with the Chronicle Herald as a reporter in Halifax. Later he moved on to work with the Canadian Press and even in photographic retail. It was by pure chance that he…
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Snapshot of the 2nd Edition of Opportunity Magazine

Glenn Squires – 2nd Edition

Glenn Squires was born in Corner Brook Newfoundland and grew up in St. John’s. In 1979 Glenn decided to move to Halifax Nova Scotia. And despite his international business success has chosen Halifax…
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Snapshot of the 1st Edition of Opportunity Magazine

Regina Adshade – 1st Edition

When Regina Adshade was only fourteen she made one of the biggest decisions of her life. What she was going to be when she grew up?

Regina wasn’t happy with the standard choices of teacher, doctor…
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