Quita Gray – 4th Edition

Quita Gray and her husband, Scott Whitelaw have a love affair with agriculture and forestry…and have combined those passions into Sugar Moon Farm. Back in 1996 they started a two year apprenticeship which has developed into their development and enhancement of an authentic sugar shack experience. They began year round operations in 2001. So how busy could a sugar farm get during peak season? How about 450 people a day, kind of busy! And most of that action is packed into the months of March and April – although they are open year-round and have further enhanced their offering by adding a very popular “Chef’s Night Series” through the winter months featuring well known chefs using maple products in the menus. Quita says she loves the variety of the industry; every day is different and you never know who is coming through the doors next and what kind of stories and experiences she can share with them to ensure a sweet Nova Scotia memory.